AI isn’t future technology, it’s now technology. The businesses incorporating AI into their business processes now will be leading the way in 2024 and 2025. Now is your opportunity to gain competitive advantage.

AI Business Change Consultancy

AI isn’t future technology, it’s ‘NOW’ technology.

If you aren’t thinking of radical business change to incorporate AI into your processes, you’re already falling behind.

Think things are moving quickly now? Fast forward to 2024 and 2025 and the businesses planning and implementing AI now will be leading the way.

Right now, many businesses are approaching AI with a mix of excitement and slight apprehension. But the speed of change means you don’t have the luxury of time.

Your opportunity to gain competitive advantage is now.

AI isn’t about a few people in your marketing department tinkering with ChatGPT to write beige copy quicker.

It’s about streamlining and speeding up your processes across the business, incorporating all the benefits AI has to offer to supercharge your workforce, freeing them up to be more productive and creative.

Creating guidelines, training your teams, knowing how and where to streamline your processes… using AI properly to its full advantage is a business change project – and one you need to start right now.

Are you thinking about creating hyper-personalised GPTs for your internal business processes? If not, you should be.

You need a business-wide strategy for adopting AI, a plan to implement it and guidelines for your staff.

Our consultants Nigel and Andrew have supported global organisations through business change and technological advancements for over 20 years, through the SEO boom, the Social Media boom and now the AI boom.

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GPTs: consultancy, scoping and creation

Let us be your gateway to your businesses AI-powered evolution. Transform your team’s efficiency with tailor-made GPTs, the bespoke sidekicks every business needs to implement.

Say hello to AI that adapts, anticipates, and accelerates every facet of your business. Things are changing fast. Let’s craft GPTs to meet your exact needs. Eg:

Business leaders: strategy, trends, market analysis, finance.

Marketing teams: data insight, analysis, content, competitor insight.

Customer service: feedback interpreters, support bots.

Human resources: scan CVs, shortlist candidates, monitor employee wellness.

The possibilities with GPTs are endless – get in touch to see how we can help.

Off-the-shelf GPTs

Coming soon, our own suite of off-the-shelf GPTs for many business functions, available in the GPTstore.

Strategic AI framework and roadmap

Rewrite your company’s DNA with AI in mind.

Departmental AI integration

Want to move away from individual team members using AI like ChatGPT without clear focus or guidelines? From marketing to HR, we help you identify the best AI applications for each department – and implement them.

AI guidelines

Develop company-wide guidelines for use of AI based on your AI strategy and roadmap.

AI training

Once you know what you’re using AI for – in your marketing and HR teams, for example – and how you’re using it, you need to train your teams. We can help.

AI business change consultants

StorySpark AI

Our consultants Nigel and Andrew have supported global organisations through business change for over 20 years, through the SEO boom, the Social Media boom – and now the AI boom.

Do you simply need to understand how ChatGPT can be used in each department, so you can create guidelines and train your staff?

Do you want to understand how some of the thousands of new apps that are appearing everyday could benefit your business?

Do you want to build on top of one of the Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT, Bard or Claude, to create your own, bespoke AI system?

StorySparkAI is an AI business change consultancy run by digital marketing pioneers Nigel Cooper and Andrew Seel.

Andrew and Nigel have helped implement business change projects, developed their own proprietary technology (the Togethr employee advocate marketing platform and mobile app), have devised and delivered award-winning digital marketing strategies for both B2C and B2B marketers for more than 20 years, helping numerous global brands.

StorySpark AI is a new sister company to employee advocacy solution Togethr who have launched some of the UK’s leading employee advocacy programme’s including John Lewis & Partners and Post Office, amongst others.

about our consultants

Nigel Jay Cooper

Nigel has more than 20 years experience in digital marketing, marketing tech the business change involved in implementing new solutions.

He started out his career at Channel 4 Television before setting up and running digital marketing agencies Qube Media and We Are Togethr alongside employee advocacy specialist Andrew Seel.

Brands Nigel and his team have helped include: Post Office, John Lewis & Partners, Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAEW), Waitrose, Air Mauritius, Virgin, Constance Hotels & Resorts, Brighton & Hove Council, Saatchi & Saatchi.

Nigel is also a bestselling fiction author, with 3 novels published to date (as Nigel Jay Cooper: Beat The Rain, The Pursuit of Ordinary and Life, Slightly) and he also uses content marketing to raise awareness of his novels on his own social media channels.

Andrew Seel

about consultants

Andrew Seel

Andrew has more than 20 years experience in digital marketing and implementing the resulting business change.

Andrew has been at the forefront of the digital industry for his entire career. His expertise dates back to the birth of the web and he has a keen eye for what’s coming next.

He has led his own businesses from the beginnings of the web, through SEO and digital marketing to social media marketing through to an employee advocacy technology platform.

Before We Are Togethr, Andrew was co-founder of award-winning digital consultancy Getfrank, leading projects for Channel 4 and EMI (eg Gorillaz) and a Senior Editor at AOL UK, developing online communities before the advent of social media.

Andrew has consulted for numerous brands globally in his career including: Haagen Dazs, Air Mauritius China, Constance Hotels & Resorts and Saatchi & Saatchi.

StorySpark AI Business Change Consultancy
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